An Introduction to Celtic Art

One of the most remarkable characteristics of an ancient people would be in the artwork that they leave behind. The Celtic people lived in a timeless land that is now called Ireland, and they left behind a wondrous amount of Celtic art for modern-day art lovers to enjoy. This art has an illustrious history and […]

Celtic Festivals

Bonfires, storytelling, dance and music festivals are just some of the ancient Celtic events.  The local people in Ireland placed great significance on these. People come together singing, dancing, playing sports or the theater. There are several specific and often ancient types of Celtic festivals. Celtic Festivals A feis (plural feiseannan) is a traditional Gaelic […]

Celtic Tree Calendar

What is a Celtic Tree Calendar? In contrast to the Gregorian calendar that follows a solar cycle, a Celtic Tree Calendar is a lunar calendar with 364 days, about 13 months with 28 days each month.  The name of each month in the Celtic calendar is based on the tree representing the cycle of the […]

Celtic Art

When you hear the word ‘Celtic Art’ what usually comes to your mind first? Many people think of Irish and Pictish art. However, these artworks had almost nothing to do with Celtic art. Read on to learn more about celtic art information.  Celtic Art Information: Ancient Celtic Art vs. Medieval Celtic Art Nowadays, it is relatively […]

Irish Bronze Age and Irish Iron Age

Broadly speaking, the earliest Celtic arts and crafts appeared in Iron Age Europe with the first migrations of Celts coming from the steppes of Southern Russia, from about 1000 BCE onwards. Any European art, craftwork or architecture before this date derives from earlier Bronze Age societies of the Urnfield culture (1200-750 BCE), or the Tumulus […]

Celtic Traders

The Celts are known for being traders. Celtic traders were in in constant dealings with merchants from the Mediterranean. Weapons, tools for pottery, wine and iron are common items they traded. Celtic Traders The Celts were a fascinating people and since this website is dedicated to improving your knowledge of Irish mythology and all things […]

Tattoos and Celtic Love Knots

Tattoos and jewelry feature Celtic love knots. The designs usually stand out due to the continuous and intertwined patterns. But did you know that aside from the appearance, each design has a significant meaning? Celtic Love Knots Celtic knot work originated in the third or fourth century in the artwork of the Roman empire. After […]

Celtic Symbols

In ancient Celt belief, Celtic symbols and signs possessed strong power that affects the daily life of a person. The understanding of the symbol meanings were derived from historians of the Celtic culture. Tap the mystery of the Celts by understanding the meanings hidden in these symbols. The Meaning of Celtic Symbols Celtic symbol meanings […]

Celtic Knots

Celtic knots make great decorative borders. Want to learn how to make one? The technique is to master the structure of the plait with strands and interlock in a specific way. When you learn how to draw Celtic knots, you’re actually learning how to plait on paper. All Celtic knotwork or interlace is based on […]

Celtic Zodiac Signs: What It Means

In Celtic astrology, every zodiac sign is assigned with a tree or animal. The nature of individual with specific celtic zodiac signs matched with the natural energy of the tree. Celtic Zodiac Signs When the Celts developed their zodiac signs, an interesting theory went behind the whole process. They developed these symbols based on the […]

Six Celtic Nations

The six Celtic nations recognized by their language are the following: Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. Celtic language is still alive in Ireland, Wales and Brittany but in the Isle of Man and Cornwall the language died out eventually. Six Celtic Nations The six territories recognised as Celtic nations are Brittany […]

Celtic Symbols from Ancient times

The following symbols are included in this section. The triquetra, The Sheela-na-gig, The Celtic Cross, The Spiral, The Green Man, The Celtic Knot, Continuuing looping symbol.

When Did Celtic Art Begin?

Broadly speaking, the earliest Celtic arts and crafts appeared in Iron Age Europe with the first migrations of Celts coming from the steppes of Southern Russia, from about 1000 BCE onwards.

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