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An Introduction to Celtic Art

One of the most remarkable characteristics of an ancient people would be in the artwork that they leave behind. The Celtic people lived in a timeless land that is now called Ireland, and they left behind a wondrous amount of Celtic art for modern-day art lovers to enjoy. This art has an illustrious history and […]

Celtic Art

When you hear the word ‘Celtic Art’ what usually comes to your mind first? Many people think of Irish and Pictish art. However, these artworks had almost nothing to do with Celtic art. Read on to learn more about celtic art information.  Celtic Art Information: Ancient Celtic Art vs. Medieval Celtic Art Nowadays, it is relatively […]

Irish Bronze Age and Irish Iron Age

Broadly speaking, the earliest Celtic arts and crafts appeared in Iron Age Europe with the first migrations of Celts coming from the steppes of Southern Russia, from about 1000 BCE onwards. Any European art, craftwork or architecture before this date derives from earlier Bronze Age societies of the Urnfield culture (1200-750 BCE), or the Tumulus […]

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