Celtic Traders

Celtic tradersThe Celts are known for being traders. Celtic traders were in in constant dealings with merchants from the Mediterranean. Weapons, tools for pottery, wine and iron are common items they traded.

Celtic Traders

The Celts were a fascinating people and since this website is dedicated to improving your knowledge of Irish mythology and all things Celtic, we have decided to provide you with 10 interesting facts about this ancient civilisation. Most people associate the Celts with Ireland and Scotland but the civilisation originated in Central Europe. The earliest Celtic settlement was discovered in Hallstatt, Austria in 1200 BC. The heartland of the Celts is actually in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The Celts Are NOT From Ireland Or Scotland

Despite the fact that the term ‘Celtic’ has become synonymous with people of Scottish or Irish origin, the Celts were actually from an entirely different part of Europe originally. The Celts don’t really become part of historical record until the 5th Century BC although they were encountered by the Greeks the previous century.

By the time they are mentioned in historical texts, the Celts had already spread out across Spain, France and a number of countries in Europe’s ‘Alpine’ region (Austria and Switzerland among others). According to many scholars however, the Celts originated from Western Mid-Europe as part of the Urnfield Culture which began in 1300BC.

Celtic Language Survived After Roman Conquest

It was previously believed that the Celtic language was more or less phased out after the Roman conquest. In actual fact, Celtic languages were widely spoken afterwards according to the writings of St Jerome in the 4th and 5th Century AD. However, these languages did start to disappear during the Middle Ages and today, very few people speak Celtic languages and their usage is mainly confined to the west of Ireland, Brittany and Wales.


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