Celtic Tree Calendar

celtic tree calendarWhat is a Celtic Tree Calendar? In contrast to the Gregorian calendar that follows a solar cycle, a Celtic Tree Calendar is a lunar calendar with 364 days, about 13 months with 28 days each month.  The name of each month in the Celtic calendar is based on the tree representing the cycle of the moon.

Celtic Tree Calendar

The Celtic Tree Calendar is a lunar calendar of 364 days and has 13 months of 28 days each. It is contrary to the Gregorian calendar in which the year has 365 days and that follows the solar cycle. December 23 is the traditional day of the proverbial “Year and a Day” according to the earliest courts of law. In the Celtic calendar, each month is named after a tree that signifies particular qualities of the moon during that cycle.

History of Celtic Tree Calendar

There is a very interesting theory behind this calendar which gives us a glimpse of the Celtic culture. This calendar has its origin based in historical poetry. The druids believed that trees are the ancestors of the human race. The calculation of lunar cycle itself is variable in nature and hence, the Gregorian followers stick to the fixed dates of a calendar which starts from one and follows the sequential manner till 30 or 31, with only February being an exception.

Celtic languages are one of the Indo-European languages. So the theory is that every letter of the Celtic alphabet stands for a particular tree.

Names in Celtic Calendar

Just like the zodiac signs associate certain animal qualities to humans born in different months, the Celtic calendar too associates certain qualities associated with the trees. The names of the trees are given in the following table. The names in the brackets are known as the Ogham, which is a picture or glyph.

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